CM Punk Slams “Fringe Wrestling Fans” – “Go Touch Grass”


CM Punk has hit out at wrestling fans who indulge in “parasocial relationships” with stars and says it is silly for people to take sides when they don’t actually know those involved.

CM Punk looked to be on the verge of a return to AEW as part of the new Collision show on Saturday nights but his situation with the company is currently believed to be up in the air once again after an apparent disagreement about the return of another ex-employee.

Punk went on the offensive before Dynamite on Wednesday night, launching a scathing attack on the Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez but he was not done there.

In a video shared before AEW Dynamite went on the air, CM Punk blasted the “fringe wrestling fans” who take sides vociferously in any debate without actually knowing the people they are for or against and offered them some advice:

“The parasocial relationship a lot of fringe wrestling fans have with certain people is really unhealthy. I get the tribalism, it’s fun to root for your team, but picking sides seems a little silly.

“You don’t know me, you don’t know anybody else. So go touch grass.”

Punk’s return to AEW was not announced on Dynamite but Tony Khan did reveal the locations for many of the Collision shows. However, the venue for the debut Saturday show on June 17th remains a mystery, for another week at least.