CM Punk In Line To Face Top AEW Star On Return

aew CM Punk

The saga of CM Punk could thankfully be coming to some sort of resolution for AEW with the star now expected to make his return to the company over the summer.

The former AEW World Champion has not been seen in the company since his backstage fight with The Elite following All Out in September 2022. Everyone involved in the fight was suspended as a result but The Elite – Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks – have since returned.

A recent report noted that the “wheels are in motion” for CM Punk to now return to AEW, despite a more recent shot the star took on social media aimed at Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho. Despite a return looking increasingly likely for Punk, it still seems that The Elite doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Andrew Zarian noted that The Elite has “no intention” of working with the former WWE star:

“He [Punk] had recently said he wants to return to AEW and he wants to make it work. The issue here is he’s willing to work with The Elite members. I know as of the time I was told and early this week, there was no intention on the other side. Maybe Kenny a little bit more than The Bucks but they do not want to work with him. There’s been no dialogue between the two sides either about sitting down and making this work.”

This is where Chris Jericho could enter the equation. Jericho has been vocal on social media about his feelings towards Punk and Punk wasn’t shy when he blasted the first AEW World Champion as a “liar” and a “stooge.” However, it seems that Jericho could be the one to welcome back Punk to AEW in the ring, as Zarian explained:

“The way it was alluded to me is that the programme will probably be Punk and Jericho in some capacity. I don’t know if FTR’s involved or the Jericho Appreciation Society is involved…He’s [Jericho] willing to make this work.”

CM Punk is due to meet with Tony Khan, FTR, and Chris Jericho in the coming weeks as the upstart company seeks to make some good come out of one of its darkest hours.

h/t Cultaholic