CM Punk Honoured For “Exceptional Contributions” To Pro Wrestling

CM Punk

CM Punk is set to be honoured during a rollercoaster week for the star.

CM Punk opened the All In pay-per-view on August 27th in front of the biggest paid wrestling attendance in history but by the time he made his entrance, things had already gone very wrong.

Punk was reported to be part of a backstage altercation with Jack Perry after Perry made a comment about using real glass during his Zero Hour match with HOOK. The two men are believed to have got physical in the Gorilla position with one report noting that the incident caused monitors to fall around Tony Khan.

Once he made it to the ring, CM Punk received a loud reaction from the Wembley fans, many of them choosing to boo the “Real World Champion.” Punk ended up retaining his self-appointed title against Samoa Joe. Now, Punk is set to be bestowed with another prize.

CM Punk receiving “highly acclaimed” award

The Cauliflower Alley Club issued a press release touting CM Punk being given one of its highly acclaimed awards:

“[Las Vegas, NV] – The Cauliflower Alley Club, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to assisting those in the professional wrestling industry that have fallen on difficult and challenging times, is proud to announce that CM Punk has been chosen as the 2023 recipient of it’s highly acclaimed Iron Mike Mazurki Award.

“The Iron Mike Mazurki Award is bestowed upon individuals who have made exceptional contributions to professional wrestling and have exhibited outstanding dedication to the sport both inside and outside the ring. CM Punk, a trailblazing figure in the wrestling world, has undeniably left an indelible mark on the industry.

“Throughout his illustrious career, CM Punk has captivated audiences worldwide with his remarkable in-ring skills, compelling character work, and unyielding passion for professional wrestling. Known for his charismatic personality and unparalleled mic skills, Punk has been instrumental in revolutionizing the industry and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a professional wrestler.

“In addition to his in-ring accomplishments, CM Punk has also utilized his platform to advocate for change within the wrestling community. He has fearlessly spoken out on social issues and has been a passionate voice for equality and justice. Punk’s courage in addressing important topics has earned him respect not only from his peers but also from fans around the globe.

“Punk’s influence extends far beyond the squared circle and even into the MMA octagon, inspiring a new generation of wrestlers and leaving an enduring legacy in the sport.

“The Cauliflower Alley Club will present the 2023 Iron Mike Mazurki Award to CM Punk at its annual awards banquet, which will take place at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada from Aug. 28-30, 20023. This event will bring together wrestling legends, industry professionals, and fans to celebrate our sport and those who have, positively, committed to it.”

CM Punk is believed to currently be suspended by AEW following the incident with Jack Perry meaning that he is likely to miss the All Out pay-per-view in his home city of Chicago.