CM Punk Claim A Bunch Of S*** Says Dave Meltzer

CM Punk

CM Punk is firmly back in WWE causing havoc for Drew McIntyre but the shadow of Punk is still looming large over AEW.

CM Punk was fired by AEW following a backstage fight with Jack Perry at All In. This was not Punk’s first issue in the company as he was involved in another fight with The Elite after he ranted at the post-All Out press conference in 2022.

In the lead-up to WrestleMania 40, CM Punk gave an explosive interview where he discussed in-depth the issues he found in AEW. CM Punk accused AEW of not being a real business and Tony Khan of not being a real boss, noting that while Khan is a “nice guy” he didn’t handle the fallouts that plagued the company.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer touched on one specific claim he says came from CM Punk that The Elite never wanted him in the company, and says that’s not true at all:

It’s funny because I always think about the Punk thing, the reality is, it still may have ended up being a disaster either way. When Punk talks about the idea that as soon as he got there these guys wanted him out and they were jealous he was making more money or whatever the story is, that’s a bunch of sh*t. That never happened.

CM Punk Didn’t Care He Was Fired By AEW

Meltzer continued by noting that there was clearly a problem in AEW and that Tony Khan did not handle the situation as disgraced ex-WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would have:

There was a problem and the biggest thing was when that problem was out there Tony [Khan] needed to step in. That’s the one thing I will say, Vince McMahon may be a slimeball and all that and he is. But I do believe that in a situation like this Vince McMahon – he may not have nipped it in the bud and there may have been problems – but it would not go on week after week, month after month and even year after year because the thing went on forever.

He would handle it and the whole thing here was Tony was trying to keep everyone happy by having them avoid each other and that never settled anything. When I watched the thing with Ariel Helwani that came through loud and clear was when he came back [to AEW] he didn’t want to be there. I even remember when he got fired and he was talking to a mutual friend of ours and he basically said “I didn’t care, I didn’t care I got fired.”

Tony Khan has decided to show the video footage of CM Punk’s fight with Jack Perry, clearly wanting fans to make up their mind about who was in the wrong and exactly why it was decided by a disciplinary committee which included Bryan Danielson that Punk had to go.

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