AEW To Show CM Punk Backstage Fight From All In

CM Punk

Footage of CM Punk’s confrontation with Jack Perry at All In will air on Dynamite.

All In should’ve been the biggest night in AEW history, but when all was said and done it was one of the most controversial. During a pre-show match, Jack Perry performed a spot involving real glass which was an inside dig at CM Punk who he had clashed with backstage months earlier over the use of the prop.

To cap things off, Perry then said “It’s real glass, cry me a river” down the camera, making sure he hammered the point home.

When he got backstage, Punk and Perry got into an altercation with Tony Khan also on the scene. Days later Punk was fired for his involvement in the incident and Khan claimed he feared for his life during the chaos. Incredibly, just seconds after the fight, Punk made it to the ring to face Samoa Joe.

During a recent interview, CM Punk took several shots at AEW and Tony Khan, and it seems they didn’t go down well.

Incredibly, AEW has announced that The Young Bucks will show footage of the fight on the April 10th episode of Dynamite. While it was initially suspected the angle on Dynamite would be some kind of spoof, that won’t be the case.

As reported by Fightful Select and Dave Meltzer & Bryan Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the footage will be genuine. It was noted to Fightful that AEW wouldn’t promote something like that to be deliberately misleading. It’s believed that FTR have been given a “heads up” given their friendship with Punk.

The Bucks made references to the incident on the April 3rd episode of Dynamite.

What Did CM Punk Say About AEW?

During his interview with Ariel Helwani, CM Punk recalled telling Jack Perry during a Collision taping not to use real glass, and that he should take that stuff to Wednesdays [Dynamite].

Regarding the incident at All In, Punk said he told Khan to “handle it” but the AEW boss didn’t. Punk denied punching Perry but said he “choked somebody.” CM Punk then told Khan the “place is a f*cking joke,” branding him a “clown” in the process before quitting.