CM Punk Breaks Silence On Promo Battle With Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes CM Punk on WWE Raw

CM Punk thoroughly enjoyed going nose-to-nose with Cody Rhodes on Raw.

On January 27th, CM Punk and Cody Rhodes will take part in the Royal Rumble match as they bid to earn a shot at one of WWE’s two World Championships.

For Rhodes, a win would hand him a shot at WrestleMania redemption and a chance to “finish the story,” and for Punk, victory would represent a fast track back in the WWE big time after his stunning return to the company at Survivor Series.

Ahead of the Rumble, the pair finally came face-to-face on the January 22nd episode of Raw, and tension filled the air. Punk and Rhodes traded barbs across an electric segment setting the stage for a showdown in the Rumble.

Speaking in a new vlog post chronicling his run to the Rumble, Punk

“A big reason I want to do this, and I’m so excited about it is because I really want to get the temperature of the room. I want to feel what kind of energy he’s got. He’s got goals that probably scare him, too.

Those big goals. I’ve never had to follow in the footsteps of my legendary father. Cody is chasing a title they took away from his dad in the Garden. I won that title in the Garden. There is only one seat. There is only one king. There is only one face. I don’t know if we’re both trying to be there.

I don’t know if my goal necessarily makes me what Cody wants to be. Tonight is about the emotion. Take the math out of it, it’s all about the chemistry. I want to see what these people are going to do if I say something that makes Cody a little bit angry. I want to see how they react if Cody says something out of pocket to me.

I’m going to take the temperature of the room and I think it’s going to give me a mental edge going into Saturday. I think we’re both hungry for respect. I think we’re both hungry to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves.

What makes them so scary is because we are so vocal and so public about it. You’re really putting yourself out there. We’re both trying to manifest our future and essentially accomplish these goals, and I feel like, come Saturday, only one of us can do it. That makes a pretty compelling story,”

Punk added that he could feel the tension as the pair shared the ring.

“I felt some tension there. That’s what the Royal Rumble is about, there are no friends. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be adversaries or enemies, but something about it just feels like, on Sunday morning, we might be. I’m hoping that’s not the case. We’ll have to wait and see,”

CM Punk Doesn’t Deserve WWE Success

Speaking elsewhere, another of CM Punk’s rivals Seth Rollins took aim at the star.

The World Heavyweight Champion claimed that because Punk had spent so long being critical of WWE he didn’t deserve to celebrate the company’s recent success.

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