Top Star Claims CM Punk Doesn’t Deserve To Be Part Of WWE’s Success

CM Punk WWE SmackDown

One of WWE’s biggest stars remains no fan of CM Punk.

At Survivor Series, CM Punk completed a remarkable return to WWE and the ramifications of that move are still being felt. It was no secret that some bridge-building had to take place within WWE, and there was — and remains to some degree — a split in the fanbase about Punk’s presence.

One man who nailed his colours to the mast early on was Seth Rollins. Long before Punk made it back to WWE, he branded the star a “cancer,” and he’s continued to throw bombs at his rival ever since.

Speaking to Daniel Cormier on DC & RC, Rollins again discussed Punk, claiming he doesn’t deserve to bask in WWE’s success after spending his time away from the company being so vocally against it.

“The Punk thing is interesting. It’s interesting. I never thought in a million years we’d be at this point. When he came out at Survivor Series and came back, it was really a surreal moment. In some ways, I’m really happy for the fans, for his fans, that have been wanting to see this moment for him for a very long time. I just don’t want the problems that he brings. I really don’t.

WWE is in an incredible place. I feel like I’ve been an anchor of that for the last decade. In the last few years, we’re starting to skyrocket. You look at the Netflix deal. Huge news. Huge news for our industry, for the entertainment industry, for live sports in general. It’s going to be a massive shift. I feel like I’ve been a big part of that.

One thing I don’t want is somebody like that, who has caused problems and been a selfish jerk everywhere he’s gone, I don’t want him to come in here and ruin what we’ve done and what we’ve built. He doesn’t deserve a piece of that pot. He doesn’t deserve it. He hasn’t put in the time. He hasn’t done anything.

He went away and he stayed away. All he did the entire time he was gone was complain, whine, and moan and try to tear this place down. In spite of him and in spite of his efforts, we made this the best and biggest wrestling company on the planet. Grown it beyond what anybody’s imagination would have ever dreamed.

I don’t want him coming in here…I’ve used the word cancer before, I don’t want to get too deep into it. I don’t want him to be the reason this thing takes a nosedive or even takes a dip. He doesn’t deserve that,”

CM Punk Reportedly Set For Huge WrestleMania Match

For months it’s been believed that Punk and Rollins will meet at WrestleMania 40, however, according to one report, things have shifted. Cody Rhodes is reportedly scheduled to face CM Punk, and Rollins will meet the Royal Rumble winner. This would pave the way for Roman Reigns to finally have his long-rumoured match with The Rock.

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