AEW Announces The Return Of CM Punk

cm punk aew arms out

All Elite Wrestling has officially announced that CM Punk is coming back to the company.

It was two weeks ago when AEW announced their new Saturday night show Collision airing on Saturday nights on TNT from 8 p.m. for two hours.

On last week’s May 24th episode of Dynamite, AEW announced that the first episode of Collision will take place on Saturday, June 17th at the United Center in Chicago.

During tonight’s episode of Dynamite, AEW Owner Tony Khan made yet another announcement. He said he was there to give us more information. Khan announced that AEW Collision beginning June 17th will feature…CM Punk.

They showed the reaction from the crowd with many fans cheering although there were some boos. The commentary team of Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone had to sell it as if it was a shock even though the wrestling world knew it was coming.

When AEW originally announced Collision’s debut on May 17th, CM Punk was going to be part of that, but they still had to agree on some terms, so Punk was removed from the announcement.

CM Punk is a two-time AEW World Champion who last appeared on television at the All Out 2022 pay-per-view that was also in his hometown of Chicago. That was the same night where Punk won the AEW World Title from Jon Moxley, tore his triceps during the match, went on a rant at the press conference and then got into a locker room fight with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) because of what Punk said at the press conference.

The aftermath of the All Out fight led to Punk’s good friend and AEW Producer Ace Steel getting fired because he threw a chair at Nick Jackson’s face and bit Omega in the arm. The Young Bucks and Omega were suspended for over one month.

As for CM Punk, he likely would have been suspended after the All Out too, but due to the torn triceps injury, he had surgery to repair his arm and couldn’t wrestle for about eight months anyway.

There are plans for AEW to have some sort of brand split although nothing has been announced on television. It has been reported that certain people in the company will only work on Dynamite while Punk is on Collision due to some people in AEW not liking Punk and not wanting him to be back in the company.

It is believed that CM Punk played a big part in getting Ace Steel his job back although, at this point, Steel may be working remotely rather than going to shows.

As for who CM Punk might face upon his return, there have been reports that he wants to face an old rival Samoa Joe in an AEW ring. That could be something that is set up when Punk returns to AEW on Collision on June 17th in Chicago.