Chris Jericho’s Scathing Review: “The Worst Match I Ever Saw”

Chris Jericho's Scathing Review:

In a no-holds-barred critique, Chris Jericho didn’t mince words when discussing the WWE Crown Jewel 2018 match featuring DX against the Brothers of Destruction.

The bout, which marked Shawn Michaels’ return from retirement to team up with Triple H against Kane and The Undertaker, faced severe backlash from Jericho during his recent appearance on Busted Open Radio.

Jericho, who had a storied rivalry with Michaels, didn’t hold back in labelling the tag team match as “the worst match I ever saw.” Expressing disappointment in the booking choices, Jericho emphatically stated that the match should never have taken place in the first instance.

During the interview, Jericho commented:

The worst match I ever saw, and here’s your clickbait, was Saudi Arabia; Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs. Kane and Undertaker. That was such a stupid idea in the booking. It never should have happened.

The highly anticipated encounter, hosted in Saudi Arabia, marked Michaels’ comeback to the ring after an eight-year hiatus. Despite the heightened expectations surrounding the match, it failed to meet the standards set by fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Who Does Chris Jericho Think DX And The Brothers Of Destruction Should Have Faced?

Chris Jericho didn’t just criticise; he offered alternative pairings that he believed would have delivered a superior performance. Suggesting Michaels and Triple H against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, and Kane and The Undertaker facing Cesaro and Kevin Owens, Jericho aimed to highlight missed opportunities in the original booking.

It should have been Shawn and Hunter vs. Roman and Seth and Taker and Kane vs., I don’t know, give me two names of guys, Cesaro and Kevin Owens, whatever you want.

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