Chris Jericho’s Pick For Most Underrated Wrestler Revealed

Chris Jericho's Pick For Most Underrated Wrestler Revealed

Chris Jericho opened up about who he believes to be one of the most overlooked wrestling talents that he ever faced in the ring, 2 Cold Scorpio.

In an interview on The Hollywood Raw Podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn when asked to name the most underrated wrestler he had ever faced, Chris Jericho didn’t hesitate to bring up 2 Cold Scorpio, highlighting Scorpio’s remarkable skills and lamenting the lack of recognition they have received. Jericho expressed:

Let’s see. Who’s the most underrated wrestler? Oh man, those are hard. What pops into your head, it’s hard. There’s a guy called 2 Cold Scorpio who was really good that I don’t think gets the credit for how good he is. There are probably a million others too, but that’s the first who comes to mind.

Both Jericho and 2 Cold Scorpio navigated through various wrestling promotions including WCW, ECW, and WWE throughout their careers. Their paths notably crossed during their time in ECW in 1996, where they engaged in three memorable matches. One of these matches marked Jericho’s final bout with the promotion before he made the transition to WCW.

Which Match Did Chris Jericho Say Was The Worst He Ever Saw?

Chris Jericho stated that the 2018 WWE Crown Jewel match between DX and The Brothers Of Destruction was one of the worst he’s ever seen. Jericho said that just the idea of booking that match was ridiculous and it should never have happened.

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