Chris Jericho Reacts To Will Ospreay’s Hayabusa Mask Tribute During Latest NJPW Show

Will Ospreay, Hayabusa Mask

After Will Ospreay paid tribute to Hayabusa at the NJPW and STARDOM Historic X-Over event, Chris Jericho has weighed in with his opinion.

For Will Ospreay’s IWGP United States Championship defense against Shota Umino this weekend, The United Empire member headed to the ring wearing a custom Hayabusa mask which was donned in his stable’s colors. He would go on to explain the significance of the mask to him and how the tribute came about on social media.

Ok costume last night has a lil story.

Hayabusa is one of my favourites of all time. In May this year I wanted to wear the mask as a tribute but I wanted to have the families blessing instead of not giving back to them. I took Hayabusa daughter out for lunch and asked for the blessing and how much it would be an honour to wear the mask. She was so kind she allowed me to pay tribute to her father. No hesitation said yes immediately.

The mask is made by the original mask maker himself “Kuniharu Yamagata/naughty boy” And is helping by selling the mask on the fans and the money going towards the family.

It was meant to be in May but I got covid and the timing was a little weird giving the circumstances. But it was either today or never. So happy and blessed that you enjoyed the costume.

Please buy “Hayabusa” official merch so they get the money and show everyone how much I love him.

Thank you so much for the biggest honour of my life.

The tribute was appreciated across the wrestling world, not least by Chris Jericho who has commented on how cool a moment it was.

Will Ospreay also now knows that his next challenge for the IWGP United States Championship will come at Wrestle Kingdom in January, when Kenny Omega returns to NJPW.