Chris Jericho Given Touching WWE Gift On Latest Cruise

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho received a unique gift from his past whilst on the high seas.

Despite now plying his trade in AEW, Chris Jericho’s time in WWE was extremely successful. Wrestling a who’s who of the company and picking up plenty of championship belts along the way, Jericho can also boast a record nine Intercontinental Championships reigns on his resume.

However, very often wrestlers won’t end up with the belts they won. On this occasion, things have come full circle and ‘The Ocho’ is now back in possession of a title with some significance.

Whilst on his latest Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Cruise, Chris Jericho was presented with the first Intercontinental Championship belt he ever won, from his victory over Chyna at Armageddon 1999.

The title was presented to Jericho by Dan Lambert, who is a collector of championship belts and gave up the unique item from his collection. It was reported by a user on Reddit that Jericho ‘teared up’ when he was given the gift. You can see a picture from the cruise of Jericho with the belt here.

Chris Jericho with his first Intercontinental Championship

A master of reinventing himself (and nicknames), ‘The Demo-God’ is currently the leader of the Jericho Appreciated Society. He recently discussed the moment in his career when he truly understood what wrestling was all about.