Chris Jericho Recalls The Year When He Really Learned “What Wrestling Is All About”

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has stated when he really felt like he figured out how to be a massive success in pro wrestling.

For a guy like Chris Jericho to pinpoint one time in his career when he truly broke out as a pro wrestler, it’s not easy. After all, Jericho was a six-time WWE World Champion, the first AEW World Champion, an ROH World Champion and multiple other championships to go along with numerous feuds/matches that are memorable.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Chris Jericho spoke about the year when he really started to figure out what pro wrestling was all about.

“You’re always given opportunities in the business, like for me – when did I really become Chris Jericho? I’d say 2008 – that’s 18 years into [my time in] the business, when I did that feud with Shawn Michaels. That’s when I really got it. I had already been Undisputed Champion and all that other stuff, but that’s when it really hit me, what wrestling is all about.”

“You can look at all the stuff prior; debuting against The Rock and the matches I had, they’re all good, but nothing from that time period is as good as the stuff I did in 2008, that’s just my opinion. So, it takes a while for guys to get it. So ‘flying under the radar?’ – I don’t see that. You have to figure stuff out on your own and that’s what makes you great.”

“If you can stick it all together… I think everybody has their individual journey on how to get there. It does take some time but once you lock it in and you have that confidence, nothing can stop you.”

The rivalry between Michaels and Jericho started in the spring. It was only supposed to be one PPV match, but it was so good that kept going for about six months. It ended at No Mercy 2008 in a Ladder Match when Jericho beat Michaels in a Ladder Match. The match and feud was praised heavily as a match/feud of the year as well as one of the best rivalries in the careers of both men.