Chris Jericho Reveals His All-Time Favourite Tag Team Partner

Chris Jericho Kevin Owens

Chris Jericho enjoyed teaming with a giant the most during his wrestling career.

While many remember Jericho’s multiple reigns as World Champion and Intercontinental Champion, the AEW star’s multiple reigns as Tag Team Champion are often overlooked. In his time in WWE, Jericho captured the titles 7 times with a variety of partners.

Competing for over 30 years in the industry and across multiple promotions, there are not many wrestlers whom Jericho hasn’t teamed with. Speaking on the Superstar Crossover podcast, Jericho revealed his favourite partner was The World’s Largest Athlete:

“Yeah, Big Show is my favourite tag team. Yeah, he was the best … Jeri-Show,”

The team name Jeri-Show was created by the WWE commentary team and not by the former Tag Team Champions. Jericho continued by explaining why there were never any t-shirts made to acknowledge the new alliance:

“Which we never actually called ourselves. The announcers called us that, I wouldn’t allow them to call us that because the Big Show wanted to make t-shirts, and I was like, ‘We’re not making t-shirts, we’re not having any merch.’ He’s like, ‘What do you mean we are not having merch? ‘I didn’t think heels should have merch and I was like, ‘We’ll make our money main eventing pay-per-views against the babyface that sells merch.’ He always wanted to make Jeri-Show shirts, so maybe someday we’ll have to do that.”

The former World Champion concluded by stating the tag team allowed Big Show to be repackaged as a monster heel and helped to revitalise his career:

“Great chemistry. At the time he was kind of floundering, and I said we’re gonna make this guy, told Vince [McMahon] we’re gonna make him like a giant destroyer. Just kills everybody, and get rid of that Andre the Giant singlet, put him in a real singlet or whatever it was, and kind of reinvented him and we had a great run there. It was a blast,”

The History Of Chris Jericho & The Big Show’s Partnership

Jericho originally won the tag titles alongside Edge in 2009. However, due to the Rated R Superstar suffering an injury shortly afterwards, the reign looked in jeopardy. Jericho revealed that he had found a loophole that stated that he could pick a replacement partner, which was later revealed to be The Big Show. Jeri-Show would lose the championships at the TLC pay-per-view later that year to Shawn Michaels and Triple H in the main event.

In January 2010, Jericho and Big Show were granted a rematch with the stipulation that Jericho would be banned from Raw if they failed to win the championships. Jeri-Show lost to mark the end of the alliance.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.