Chris Jericho Responds Harshly To Critical Fan On Social Media

Chris Jericho flips off the crowd at AEW Revolution 2022

Chris Jericho doesn’t mind firing back when he sees wrestling fans taking a shot at him and he did it again on social media recently.

The main event of ROH Final Battle on December 10th saw Chris Jericho defend the ROH World Championship against Claudio Castagnoli.

It was back in September at Dynamite Grand Slam when Jericho won the ROH World Title in a match that didn’t have a clean finish. After that, Jericho defeated multiple former ROH champions in televised matches while also beating Claudio, Bryan Danielson and Sammy Guevara in a Fatal 4-Way Match at Full Gear.

It took Claudio three months to get a singles rematch and he seized the opportunity. After a grueling and physical back-and-forth match, Claudio applied the Giant Swing to Jericho. Normally that’s a spot that might lead to Claudio transitioning to a Sharpshooter after doing the Giant Swing, but this time, Jericho chose to tap out to give Claudio the submission win to regain the ROH World Title.

A fan on Twitter posted a video of Castagnoli giving Jericho the Giant Swing leading to Jericho tapping, which led to a harsh response from the former eight-time World Champion. Jericho wrote:

“Hey f**k face. Ever experienced this move? It’s barbaric. I tapped would’ve s**t your pants and cried for mommy.”

Chris Jericho’s tweet and the video of the move are available below.

Jericho also replied with some not-so-kind language to ROH announcer Caprice Coleman who said “we won” after Jericho’s title loss: “I dare u to hit me you f**k. I’ll rip your face off. @AEW”

As a heel television performer, it’s easy for Jericho to mean to people on social media because that’s his job.