Chris Jericho Open To Broadway Role

Chris Jericho signing during his entrance at AEW All In

Chris Jericho is not ruling out a switch to Broadway in the future and says he’s open to trying anything.

Chris Jericho has successfully managed a career as a top-tier pro wrestler and a rock star for two decades and between his time in WWE and now AEW, he has also been the lead singer of Fozzy.

Speaking to The Messenger Chris Jericho discussed the diversity he has had in his career, which also includes being an actor and a former game show host, and said if the opportunity arose to tread the boards on Broadway he’d be open to it:

“I never ever put myself in a box for anything that I do. I’m an entertainer. If I said I wanted to play center for the L.A. Kings, it’s probably not going to happen. But if I say I want to do Broadway, why not?

“I can act, I can sing. I understand what it’s like to be in front of a crowd. Anything that’s in that world for me, I’m open to it. I could get an offer to do Broadway tomorrow, and if it came my way, I would seriously consider it. I never thought I’d get an offer to play an ex-rock star father who is now a horse breeding farmer.”

Chris Jericho stars in new TV movie

His role as an ex-rock star father turned horse breeding farmer is part of the UPtv movie Country Hearts. Chris Jericho’s singing chops are well known to AEW fans who belt out his Judas theme song. The first-ever AEW World Champion also gave fans a glimpse into what a Broadway turn could look like when he performed in Le Dinner Debonair with MJF on AEW television.