AEW Announces First-Time Ever Chris Jericho Match On January 4th Dynamite

chris jericho aew microphone

The first episode of AEW Dynamite in 2023 will see Chris Jericho facing an opponent that he has never faced before.

As a professional wrestler for over 30 years, Chris Jericho has had one of the greatest careers in pro wrestling history. Jericho spent nearly 20 years in WWE where he won six World Titles (including the WCW World Title), then he moved on to AEW in 2019 and became their first AEW World Champion. Recently, Jericho lost the ROH World Title, which made him an eight-time World Champion in his career.

Jericho has also faced a lot of new opponents over the last four years during his AEW run. It has been made official that Jericho will face another new opponent on the first episode of Dynamite on January 4th in Seattle.

It’s going to be Jericho facing off against Ricky Starks in a match that was set up last week on Dynamite when Jericho and his Jericho Appreciation Society group interrupted Starks.

From our AEW Dynamite review on December 21st.

“Chris Jericho said he guarantees that Starks will be a World Champion some day, but he’s not quite ready yet. Jericho thinks that he can help Starks reach the top in AEW, so he wants Starks to join the Jericho Appreciation Society. Starks praised Jericho for constantly evolving, he said Jericho looked like an air fryer and he mocked Jericho for looking like a single father on his fifth divorce. Starks said “Hell no” he doesn’t want to join the JAS.

Starks ripped Jericho for losing to Action Andretti and said the “J” in JAS should stand for “Jobber” so the fans chanted that. Starks suggested a match against Jericho on January 4th. Jake Hager, the man that loves his purple hat, attacked Starks from behind. Jericho wanted to do a bat attack, but Action Andretti made the save. Action and Starks cleared the ring of Jericho’s allies leading to Action hitting a split-legged moonsault on Jericho. Starks and Andretti celebrated in the ring.”

Following that incident, AEW made the match official while pushing the fact that it’ a first-time ever match.

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