Chris Jericho Comments On His Locker Room Role In AEW

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has spoken about his position within the AEW locker room and his relationship with owner Tony Khan.

With 32 years of experience in professional wrestling, it’s no surprise that Chris Jericho is a go-to in any room he enters, and now the Fozzy frontman has opened up on what attributes help in his position as locker room leader.

Whilst appearing on the latest episode of In The Kliq podcast, Jericho explained that wrestling has seen many changes during his career, which has given the former AEW Champion plenty of know how when needing to speak with fellow talent and his billionaire bosses.

Chris Jericho added that his time working for Vince McMahon has helped with the relationship he has built with Tony Khan, allowing him to be a mediator between boss and talent due to his ability communicating with, and understanding both sides:

“Pro wrestling is pro wrestling. There’s always going to be pros and cons all the time. What I can do now, after 32 years on the job, is — I have the respect of the locker room because I give respect to everybody. Everybody that puts on a pair of boots. I respect. I don’t care if it’s your first match or your 1,000th match; I appreciate you.

“I understand there’s different personalities, man. This is wrestling. We’re all gypsies, tramps, and thieves, but guess what? I speak gypsies, tramps, and thieves. I also speak billionaire. I worked for Vince McMahon for 20 years. I worked for Tony Khan for four years. I know how to talk to my boss. I know how to get the frustrations of the locker room across to the boss and how to get the frustrations of the boss to the locker room.

“So I enjoy that role, being the middle person. Also, sometimes people need to hear, ‘Hey, shut up and do it.’ Okay. There are terms and advice and words that I’ve learned, but like, we work for somebody. If you work at any job, ever, in the world today, sometimes you’re gonna have to do stuff that you don’t want to do.”

Chris Jericho will face off with Ricky Starks at AEW Revolution, without his Jericho Appreciation Society faction at ringside.

With a career full of accomplishments, working in New Japan, ECW, WCW, and WWE before joining AEW, Chris Jericho appears to be relishing his role of helping guide a new generation of talent behind the scenes in AEW. He recently compared Ricky Starks promo work with that of a WWE legend.

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