Chris Jericho Knocked Out By WWE Star On His Own Boat

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is holding his fifth cruise at the end of January 2024 but it seems he was involved in a massive bust-up with a WWE star on a previous trip.

Chris Jericho has been under the microscope with alleged past behaviour coming to light which may have involved former AEW star Kylie Rae. Tony Khan was asked about the rumours but would not comment on them and suggested AEW was the safest wrestling company in the world to work for.

Chris Jericho was also involved in a tense exchange with CM Punk’s lawyer in regard to whether or not Jericho was beholden to an NDA that would stop him from revealing what he saw during Punk’s backstage fight with The Elite at All Out in 2022.

That lawyer also has a close connection to Jim Cornette who has been a very vocal critic of Jericho and Cornette’s podcast partner Brian Last alluded to an incident on the Jericho Cruise that saw a WWE star KO him:

Man, there is a story I would love to tell, but i didn’t get permission, but him getting knocked out on his own cruise ship by someone he mouthed off to. It’s the most incredible f*cking story, but I can’t talk about that today.

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Knocked Out Chris Jericho

Cassidy Haynes of has now revealed that the incident in question took part on the second Jericho Cruise in January 2020. Heated words were said to be had between Jericho and MVP with MVP ultimately knocking Jericho out.

The two men were again involved in an altercation a year or two later in a hotel lobby with Jericho described as hurrying to the elevator and telling MVP “I don’t fight jobbers” as the door closed.