Chelsea Green “Counting Down The Months” Until WWE Star Returns

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green can’t wait for one WWE star to come back.

On the July 17th episode of Monday Night Raw, Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green earned their first taste of WWE gold when they defeated Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan to become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

However, disaster soon struck as Sonya Deville was injured in a match on the July 28th episode of SmackDown when she and Green teamed against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair. Deville later confirmed that she had torn her left ACL and would need to undergo surgery, leaving Green without a tag team partner until Piper Niven stepped in to take Sonya Deville’s place on the August 14th episode of Raw.

“God, Why?” – Chelsea Green On Sonya Deville’s Injury

Speaking in a recent interview with Bleav in Pro Wrestling, Chelsea Green opened up about missing her former tag team partner, saying that she believes she’ll come back stronger than ever. She also made sure to mention that she didn’t want this getting back to Piper Niven.

“We have such a history together, coming up through ‘Tough Enough’, and I’ve supported her along the way. I’ve been watching her do all these amazing things, but not be able to actually grasp a championship. So for her to finally win her first championship in eight years, for me to come back and after all these years of putting in work on the independent scene and in other companies, I was able to do this, to win this alongside her, it was such a full-circle moment, and then for that to happen, it’s like, ‘God, why?’

“But on the same hand, whatever is meant to be will be, and I am counting down the months until Sonya can come back and show the world how strong she is. We have seen her be strong in so many different areas of wrestling and outside of wrestling. We’ve seen her go through a lot. We’ve never seen her face an injury and come back. I really think she’s gonna come back even better. Don’t tell Piper I said any of this because Piper and I, we like to pretend that that side of me doesn’t exist.”

At this time, there is no specific timetable for Deville’s return to the ring.

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