Charlotte Flair Wants To Break Major Record

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is confident she will shatter as many records as she can in WWE.

Charlotte is one of the most decorated wrestlers active in WWE and may be the most accomplished women’s wrestler in modern times. In fact, she has had so many title reigns that, like with her father, there is inconsistency in how many titles she has won.

Most sources list Charlotte as a 14-time singles/women’s world champion. However, her official singles titles count includes the following: 6 reigns as the RAW Women’s Champion, 7 reigns as SmackDown Women’s Champion, one reign as Divas’ Champion, and two reigns as the NXT Women’s Champion.

However, both WWE and Charlotte herself don’t count all of these reigns as separate or distinct, which is why she is marketed as a 14-time champion.

But if Charlotte gets her way, all of that confusion won’t matter because she’ll have won more world titles than anyone else in WWE history.

Charlotte Flair wants to surpass both her father and John Cena

In an interview with New York Live, Charlotte Flair said that her next major goal is to surpass all world title records in WWE, which means surpassing the record currently held by both John Cena and her father Ric Flair.

“So John Cena just tied my dad. So now I have Cena and my dad to beat. But no, I’m definitely chasing 17. And I think if, or when I break the record, it’ll be like a woman did it in a male-dominated industry. And I hope that encourages women in all industries that we can do it all.”

While WWE recognized Ric Flair as a 16-time world champion, other sources list him as having won anywhere between 16 and 25 world titles. Aside from his two reigns as WWF/E Champion and his seven reigns as WCW World Heavyweight Champion, the rest of his heavyweight title reigns are subject to debate.

Most of the confusion stems from his reigns as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion since many title changes are either disputed or not recognized by wrestling officials altogether.

Additionally, there are other WCW/NWA titles considered ‘heavyweight titles’ that Ric Flair is listed as having won but aren’t universally recognized.