WWE Star Says Charlotte Flair Is “Best To Ever Do It”

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is the “best to ever do it” according to a current WWE star that thinks highly of The Queen.

When it comes to winning championships in WWE, there is nobody at the same level as Charlotte Flair. After all, she’s a 14-time WWE Women’s Champion counting the various iterations of titles during her run on the main roster including the Raw Women’s Champion, Smackdown Women’s Championship, Women’s Championship and Divas Championship.

At SummerSlam on August 5th, Charlotte will get her chance to win a 15th Women’s “World” Title when she competes against WWE Women’s Champion Asuka and Bianca Belair in a triple threat match. If Flair wins that then she’ll be just one title reign behind her legendary father Ric Flair and John Cena, who hold the recognized record of 16 World Titles in WWE as well as other promotions recognized by the company.

Tiffany Stratton is the current NXT Women’s Champion (a title that Charlotte Flair has held twice) that will defend her championship against Thea Hail at the Great American Bash on July 30th. As announced on NXT this past Tuesday, that match will be a Submission Match.

During an interview with Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, Stratton spoke about her interest in wrestling Flair while also praising The Queen heavily.

“If anybody wants to step up, go right ahead. There are some women on the main roster, you know, I want to wrestle the best woman in the world. I think Charlotte Flair is on that level. She’s the best to ever do it, in my opinion, and I feel like in a lot of other people’s opinions.”

“I would love to have a match with her. I think we’d have great in-ring chemistry. I think it would be a banger match and a must-see.”

On last night’s Smackdown, Tiffany Stratton was shown in the crowd watching the show. Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair picked up a big win over IYO SKY although Asuka showed up after the match to do a cheap attack.