Charlotte Flair Shows Off 4-Year Body Transformation [PHOTOS]

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is in peak physical condition, and she posted comparison photos to document her progress over the past four years.

Charlotte Flair’s accomplishments in WWE can’t be denied. Not only is she a multi-time Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion, she is also one of three participants in the first women’s main event of WrestleMania.

The life of a WWE Superstar requires being in phenomenal physical condition, and taking to Instagram this week, Flair posted a photo from 2019 next to a recent photo, showing how she’s managed to improve her physique over the past four years.

May 2, 2019 vs TODAY

Never forget how far you’ve come. I used to think I had all the answers and was “working hard”. Actually, I was constantly in self-doubt and working against myself. However, I was determined not to settle. This is a actually a rare photo in a sports-bra because I always covered my stomach in clothes AND wrestling gear.

Consistency, discipline and the determination to change has guided me the last 4 years. Some days good….. some days bad but I never stop wanting to improve! I try to implement this in all aspects of my life! 🙏🏻 💎

The journey doesn’t happen overnight 🦋 but never give up on yourself! 👑⚡️🦁

On the June 9th episode of SmackDown, Flair returned to WWE to confront Asuka and issue a challenge after Asuka was presented with a new WWE Women’s Championship. Flair rejected Adam Pearce saying she needed to get in line for a shot at Asuka’s title, saying she is the line.

While Bianca Belair took to social media to question why Flair was able to jump the line to get a rematch, Flair doesn’t seem bothered by criticism of her return and used a 2014 Triple H promo to hit back on social media.

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