Charlotte Flair Hits Back At Fan Reaction Following WWE Return

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair doesn’t seem bothered by negative reactions to her latest SmackDown return.

The June 9th episode of SmackDown saw Asuka presented with a new WWE Women’s Championship. After receiving her shiny new belt, one of her most storied rivalries was renewed when Charlotte Flair confronted her and issued a challenge, declaring that she wanted to be champion once again. Flair rejected Adam Pearce saying she needed to get in line for a shot at Asuka’s title, saying she is the line.

Former Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair took to social media after the segment to question why Flair received special treatment, writing:

“Been processing what went down last night. So let me get this straight. I did exactly what was asked of me. I agreed to let Asuka have her moment as long as I got my REMATCH JUST for Charlotte to come out, demand and get handed a REMATCH? Am I trippin or am I trippin?”

Flair doesn’t seem bothered by any negative reaction, however, and took to Twitter herself to post a video of a 2014 promo where Triple H mocked fans who complained about the WWE product, captioned only with an emoji of hands making a heart. The promo in question said the following:

“I’m gonna tweet my displeasure. That’s right, I’m gonna jump on social media and I’m gonna tweet about it until my fingers bleed. I might even send an Instagram, or a Vine. That’s right. And on that tweet, in that tweet, and however many characters I get, I am gonna threaten. That’s right, if I don’t get what I want I’m gonna riot. And if that doesn’t work, then by god, me and my friend Mark are gonna stop watching. That’s right.” (h/t Cageside Seats)

Flair and Asuka are set to face off for the WWE Women’s Championship on the June 30th episode of SmackDown in London, Enlgand.