“I Think She Was Torn” – WWE Executive On How Charlotte Flair Felt Appearing With Ric Flair

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Charlotte Flair has had her father Ric Flair by her side for a lot of her big career moments in WWE, but she may not have always loved having her dad around in the spotlight.

As a father and daughter combo, Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte have been ridiculously successful in their careers. Ric Flair is a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion that will tell you the number should be 21. Ric is an all-time great in pro wrestling with two WWE Hall of Fame rings along with a legacy that has led to many people calling him one of the best pro wrestlers ever.

During her WWE career, Charlotte Flair is a 13-time Women’s Champion on the main roster and a two-time NXT Women’s Champion as well. She is still in the prime of her career and is expected to be back in the ring soon, for the first time since she lost the Smackdown Women’s Title to Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania Backlash in May.

Ric strongly believes that his daughter Charlotte is the best women’s wrestler ever and she still has plenty of years left if she wants to do it.

After Charlotte debuted on the WWE main roster in 2015, she was working with her father Ric a lot over the next couple of years. While Ric often times helped her cheat to win matches, she was able to win a lot of matches on her own. After all, she’s the most decorated women’s wrestler in WWE history by a lot.

The current WWE Vice President of Live Events, Hall of Famer Road Dogg, talked about if Charlotte Flair liked having her father by her side all the time as she rose in the company. This is from the latest episode of Road Dogg’s “Oh You Didn’t Know” podcast.

“I think she was torn, and I don’t think she showed it a lot. But I think she was torn as, this is my time, and this is the prime time of my career. And here I am, in his shadow again, you know what I mean? Or I can understand her thinking that, because I relate and that maybe insecurities talking, but maybe I just feel like I felt at times, I wish I could just do this on my own. You know what mean?”

“I think it is too, no matter whose father, brother, sister, whatever, like, man, I love teaming with you. But God, I’d love to get out on my own. You know, just and then the band breaks up.”

It’s unknown when exactly Charlotte Flair will return to the WWE ring, but a report from last week noted that it is likely going to happen very soon.

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