Charlotte Flair Talks Mercedes Mone Leaving WWE

charlotte flair wwe smackdown womens title pose

Charlotte Flair doesn’t hold it against Mercedes Mone for leaving.

Flair and Mone (the former Sasha Banks) were once part of a much talked about quartet called the Four Horsewomen of WWE. But that quartet became a trio when Banks/Mone walked out of WWE, let her contract expire, and began pursuing wrestling ventures outside of WWE.

Now, Mercedes Mone holds the IWGP Women’s Championship and is carving out a career for herself beyond WWE. And yet, despite the rather acrimonious circumstances around which Mercedes Mone left WWE, her former rival Charlotte is actually happy for her.

Speaking on Sportsmail’s Alex McCarthy, Charlotte explained why she saw her former rival’s current success as a positive.

“I think it’s cool whenever someone follows their heart, and that’s inspiring. There will never be another group like the Four Horsewomen, ever.”

Additionally, Charlotte Flair almost stole the thunder arounds Mone’s NJPW/Stardom debut since she returned to SmackDown on December 30, 2022, four days before Mone’s much-hyped appearance.

And when she received a much warmer response than she expected, she felt elated.

“When you come back you don’t feel like you ever left because you get back into the daily grind so quickly, but it definitely gave me a refresh and the opportunity to come back with a new perspective because any time you step away from something and come back without the baggage, I feel a certain lightness when I’m out there.”

Charlotte Flair’s next big match will be at WrestleMania 39 when she takes on Rhea Ripley in what she calls “a clash of titans”.

h/t Fightful for the transcription