Charlotte Flair On Her WrestleMania 39 Match – “Two Titans Going At It”

charlotte flair wwe smackdown womens title pose

Charlotte Flair is hyped up for her big title defense against Rhea Ripley.

Ripley won the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match to earn the right to challenge for any women’s title in the company and she chose SmackDown’s.

This won’t be the first time Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley will have faced off. three years ago, Charlotte was in Ripley’s position as challenger and beat her to win the NXT Women’s Championship.

And in every match since then, Charlotte Flair has either won decisively or lost only via disqualification. In other words, Rhea Ripley doesn’t hold a single major singles win over Charlotte going into WrestleMania, not even at house shows.

But just because she has stats and history on her side doesn’t mean Charlotte Flair can be relaxed or let her guard down. Speaking to the Daily Mail UK, Charlotte described the importance of her match with Ripley on WWE’s biggest show of the year.

“I’m excited. WrestleMania 36 exceeded expectations and that was just scratching the surface. That was literally, we found out we were first, we put the match together in three hours, maybe even two, then we had the match in front of no fans, and it was awesome, and we beat the bloody hell out of each other.

‘Then, you fast forward to Money in the Bank, which I think people maybe don’t talk about as much because it wasn’t one of the big four, but that match was a top eight or ten match in my opinion without really a story.

‘At least the NXT match had a story, that match didn’t necessarily have one. I think me, her and Asuka had at triple threat with no fans and then went to that Money in the Bank.

‘With her growth and platform and new level of confidence you’re just going to see two titans going at it.'”

Charlotte Flair also covered many other subjects in the full interview with Daily Mail, which can be found here.