Details On Charlotte Flair, Liv Morgan & Trinity’s Roles In Wrestling Movie

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Charlotte Flair, Liv Morgan and Trinity have been busy filming some scenes for a new wrestling movie.

Being a full-time WWE superstar is a lot of work on its own, but sometimes superstars take on other things in their careers. For Charlotte Flair and Liv Morgan, they have been cast in a movie about wrestler Mildred Burke.

Liv Morgan is one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions with Raquel Rodriguez after regaining the titles last weekend at Money in the Bank.

As for Charlotte Flair, she is focused on winning her 15th Women’s Title in WWE after she challenged Asuka for the WWE Women’s Title last week on Smackdown. The match was interrupted by Bianca Belair. It is likely that WWE will do an Asuka-Flair-Belair triple threat match for the championship at SummerSlam on August 5th.

Trinity used to be known as Naomi, but is using her real name of Trinity while competing in IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts division.

Liv Morgan and Charlotte Flair being in the movie was originally reported back in late May with this synopsis for the film.

At only five foot two, Mildred Burke was an unlikely candidate for the ring. A waitress barely scraping by on Depression-era tips, she wanted more, and she saw her chance when she witnessed her first wrestling match. Even against all odds, she knew that she could become a female wrestler. What followed was a gritty, glittering testament to the golden age of wrestling, when beauty and brawn captivated the world.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided some more details on the film, which has filmed in Louisville. There’s also more information about what Charlotte, Liv and Trinity are doing on the film.

“The Mildred Burke movie, about the biggest star in American women’s wrestling history prior to the modern era, is being filmed in Louisville right now. The movie will be based on the very accurate book on her career written by Jeff Leen. The names “Millie” and “Queen of the Ring” are the two names considered for the movie with the latter most likely. In the late 80s and early 90s, Frank Deford had wanted to write a movie on Burke’s life but there were no takers.”

“The claim is that Burke was the first million-dollar female athlete who pioneered the sport when girl wrestling was banned in most of the country. It was definitely banned in many parts of the country at the time, as silly as that sounds. She was among the most popular female athletes of her time, but she was never the most popular or famous. By far the most famous was Babe Didrikson Zaharias, who was actually married to a well-known pro wrestler George Zaharias.”

“Some current women wrestlers were there for the filming including Charlotte Flair, Trinity Fatu and Liv Morgan. Flair plays June Byers, who had the famous 1954 shoot match for the NWA women’s title where Byers won the only fall and was recognized as champion after the match and Burke’s career largely ended shortly after.”

“Morgan plays Clara Mortensen, who was the top woman wrestler prior to Burke, and they had a feud in the 30s over the title. They shot some scenes at the OVW gym, Saint James Court, downtown Louisville and a farm where they have put up a carnival set, since Burke actually got her start wrestling men in carnivals with the idea she’d take on any man within I believe 15 pounds of her weight and they’d make money if they could beat her, so she had to be tough and a good defensive wrestler to hold off men from getting her down.”

There wasn’t more information given about Trinity’s role in the film or when the film may be released.

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