Chad Gable Shares What Triple H Told Him Regarding Current Character

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Chad Gable is a lot more comfortable in a babyface role on the WWE roster after several years of being a heel character.

One of the biggest shining stars on the WWE Raw brand in recent months has been Chad Gable. While Gable has been part of the Alpha Academy in the past few years with his good friend Otis, the last few months have seen Gable break out on his own a bit more as a singles wrestler.

The rivalry between Gable and the record-breaking Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER has been one of the highlights on Raw in recent months. On the September 4th Raw episode, GUNTHER and Gable had an epic title clash that saw Gable nearly win the IC Title before GUNTHER managed to put him away.

This past week on the September 11th edition of WWE Raw, Gable was adamant that he is still going to find a way to beat GUNTHER for that Intercontinental Title.

Gable was a guest on the WWE After the Bell podcast with Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick where he revealed that he had a long talk with WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque about the character that Gable is portraying on WWE TV right now.

“I had the longest talk I think I may have ever had with Hunter [Paul “Triple H” Levesque] that night. And he just explained to me over and over that we found this character, this kind of underdog babyface, and that term gets thrown around a lot, but I feel like I’ve gone through enough changes in character and tried enough things that this is who I am.”

Chad Gable has learned to do less in the ring

When he was asked if he has learned anything since feuding with GUNTHER and Imperium, Gable admitted that he has learned to do less.

“Hunter talked to me about this as well. I had to shift my mindset. Working as a heel for so long got me in a certain mode. I’ve just learned to do less. To get sympathy, you just do less. People don’t want to see an underdog babyface hitting 10,000 pretty moves and hitting 10,000 fancy dives, and flips, and suplexes all the time.”

“So you’ll notice, I think, over the last couple of months as I’ve transitioned into this, it’s just doing a lot less but doing it in very specific spots.”

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