Bully Ray Feels Jack Perry Is An “Ignorant Young Boy”

Bully Ray / Bubba Ray Dudley

Bully Ray has some choice words about “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry over his recent actions.

Jack Perry has been all over wrestling news lately over his interaction with CM Punk at AEW All In in London.

According to most recent reports, both Jack Perry and CM Punk were suspended following a physical confrontation at the company’s biggest-ever show, which stemmed from Perry making unscripted comments into the camera calling Punk out.

That comment stemmed from Punk using his veto power to stop Jack Perry from using real glass in an angle, which Perry allegedly presumed was due to his closeness to the Bucks, with whom Punk still has unresolved issues.

The whole situation cast AEW in a bad light once again and to some fans it put a damper on an otherwise positive note with the overwhelming success that was All In 2023.

One person who is no stranger to dealing with rookies saying the wrong thing is Bully Ray, who gave his thoughts on the Punk/Perry situation on an episode of Busted Open Radio.

“Jungle Boy is an ignorant young boy who doesn’t understand this industry. He doesn’t know better. He’s a young, brash kid who doesn’t know better.

And I’m sure the dirt sheets are gonna have a field day with this one. But he needs to be sat down by a veteran like a Taz, like a J.R., like a Billy Gunn, one of those guys, and made to understand and educate him as to why you don’t say those things on camera for a multitude of reasons.”

The term “young boy” is a term mostly used in Japan to describe rookies/trainees, who spend their initial years as gofers/lackeys for veterans and spent most of their time training and doing chores before actually learning how to wrestle.

Bully Ray thinks “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry would’ve had far worse punishment if this incident happened in a prior era

Bully Ray went on to say that Perry being suspended was a light punishment compared to what would’ve likely happened to him if this incident took place way earlier.

“He doesn’t know any better. He’s flexing when he shouldn’t be flexing, and flexing for no reason. Back in the day, there was a way to handle young boys like Jack Perry. Some of those ways still apply. And I’m not talking about beating the s*** out of him, but back in the day, that’s what would have happened.”

Lastly, Bully Ray echoed what many people have already said, which is that Tony Khan should’ve done more to address the situation and prevent such things from happening.

“Tony could not take all of his attention away from producing the opening of one of the biggest wrestling shows in history to go talk to young boy schmuck face Jack Perry about saying stupid s*** and getting into an altercation with Punk. After it was over, absolutely, Tony Khan should’ve spoke to both of them.”

Bully Ray once did an interview describing a situation in which he was accused of “beating up” rookies for making mistakes and described what really happened in an interview.

h/t WrestlingInc.