Ex-WWE Star “Cannot Be Controlled” Says Bully Ray

Bully Ray WWE

Bully Ray thinks a former WWE star would do “decent business” for any company that took a chance on them.

Once upon a time being a certified G and a bonafide stud was enough to get you the adoration of the WWE Universe as Enzo Amore found out during his time with the company. Amore made his name on the NXT brand alongside Big Cass – now better known as AEW star Big Bill – generating huge reactions with their respective catchphrases.

The duo graduated to the WWE main roster in 2016 and after just over a year together there Cass turned on Amore and things quickly unravelled for both men in the company.

Enzo Amore was faced with sexual assault allegations in October 2017 and was fired as a result of not informing WWE about the police investigation into him. The investigation was dropped due to insufficient evidence in May 2018.

Amore is now known as Real1 and will be making his debut as a free agent for New Japan Pro Wrestling at their All Star Junior Festival USA on the 19th of August.

WWE Hall of Famer thinks Enzo Amore could benefit a promotion

Speaking on Busted Open, Bully Ray explained why he thinks no major promotion has picked up Enzo Amore following his WWE exit and it all could come down to control:

“I think the real reason Enzo doesn’t work for anybody is he cannot be controlled and we live in an industry these days where they want to be able to control you at all times. I personally think that if any company were to take a chance on him, he would do some decent numbers and some decent business for him.”

Enzo Amore has remained active on the independent scene following his WWE departure and has competed for MLW in the past. Whether or not his foray into NJPW leads to more work for the star remains to be seen.

h/t Wrestling Inc.