Bully Ray Blasts Current Stars For “Prostituting” Moves

Orange Cassidy Penta Canadian Destroyer

Bully Ray cries a river over the Canadian Destroyer.

Once upon a time a leg drop, a bionic elbow, a running splash, a sleeper hold, or even a Polish hammer could end a wrestling match and crowds around the world would go crazy. But as times have changed, so have the moves done by those in the wrestling business and what once was a finisher could become just another move.

With some of those examples above that would be fine, but there are a lot of people upset that the same has happened with one of the most innovative moves ever seen in the ring – the Canadian Destroyer.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray took issue with the fact that the move innovated by ex-TNA star Petey Williams is now overused to the point of being just another spot:

“In my opinion, the Canadian Destroyer was one of the best original finishing moves I’ve ever seen.

“I’ve seen the move over the past couple of years start to get overused, start to get prostituted, start to get watered-down. Then I saw what I saw the other night …”

It all got too much for the WWE Hall of Famer as he reflected on a spot that did the rounds on social media during the match between Orange Cassidy and Penta El Zero Miedo where the two men traded the move back and forth.

Bully Ray wants veterans to step in

Bully Ray continued noting that he believes veterans have to step up and stop younger talent from throwing moves away like he believed the 39-year-old Cassidy and 38-year-old Penta did in Chicago on Dynamite:

“How many more moves are we just gonna throw away? Veterans have to stop allowing young wrestlers to just do whatever they want because it’s wrong. Veterans have to do a better job policing and educating.”

A crowd of wrestling fans was once silenced in 1984 when Randy Savage delivered a vicious piledriver to Ricky Morton, driving him through a table in devastating fashion. Tables, however, have become just another prop – and one of the least painful-looking ones at that – in the wrestling business over the years as it continues to constantly evolve.