Bryan Danielson Gives His Thoughts On CM Punk’s AEW Exit

CM Punk Bryan Danielson

Whilst they never got to face each other in AEW, Bryan Danielson has weighed in on CM Punk’s exit from the company.

Many expected the pair to face off at some point within in the company, however any thoughts of that came to an end when CM Punk had his contracted terminated on 2nd September after a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In.

In a discussion with Justin Burrasso of Sports Illustrated, Bryan Danielson has given an open opinion on how people will deal with Punk moving on from the company differently.

In any job, when you lose somebody who’s very important, or you lose somebody you really like working with, that’s hard. But everyone keeps doing the job. And any time there is loss or controversy or struggle inside an organization, it’s a chance to bring people closer. It’s also a chance to divide people. So you have this thing where you can use struggle to make your life worse, or you can use struggle to make your life better.

When I lost my father, I came out on the backside. I was worse. Struggling with my depression, I’ve come out of it better. So how you approach something and how you learn from something, that’s what makes the difference.

Bryan Danielson On Stepping Up

Bryan Danielson made his return to in-ring action following injury at All Out when he took on ‘Absolute’ Ricky Starks. With the show taking place in Chicago, many feel Danielson was brought in for the show to replace Punk after his firing, with ‘The American Dragon’ discussing stepping up when you need to after the match.

Danielson will now compete in what many consider to be a technical wrestling dream match, as he faces NJPW Television Champion Zack Sabre Jr at WrestleDream.