Bryan Danielson Reveals What He Wants In Final Full-Time Year In AEW

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson has a lot to do in his last full-time year as a pro wrestler.

Bryan Danielson is winding down his days as a full-time pro wrestler but he’s planning to pack in a lot to that year. The American Dragon was in action in his home state of Washington at WrestleDream as he took on Zack Sabre Jr.

The two expert technicians put on a masterclass as expected with Danielson picking up the win with a Busaiku Knee proving decisive.

Speaking on the Getting Over podcast, Bryan Danielson explained what he wants as he winds down his full-time career and says he’s looking for more than just working through a list of names:

“I have people I’d like to get in the ring with. Most of them are AEW people because those are the most easily accessible. For example, I would love to do a match with Darby Allin in Seattle. How cool would that be? Even like Nick Wayne. Me and Swerve have never wrestled. And I’m just talking about Washington State wrestlers. I want to do another match with Kenny Omega.

“There’s all these different things that I would like to do but… I don’t want to limit it to names. What I really want out of this year is to be fully present and to be able to appreciate this being my last full-time year of wrestling.”

Bryan Danielson doesn’t rule out AEW becoming a family affair

Following his success at WrestleDream, Bryan Danielson was asked about the possibility of his WWE Hall of Fame wife Brie Garcia – formerly known as Brie Bella – joining him in AEW. Danielson noted that she is the boss of the family and if that’s something she wants, then he’s sure it will happen.

h/t Wrestling Inc.