Bryan Danielson Says If Brie Bella Wants To Join AEW “It’ll Get Done”

Brie Bella Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson has discussed the possibility of Brie Bella competing in an AEW ring.

Brie Bella – now known as Brie Garcia – is a WWE Hall of Famer known for her run in the company alongside her twin sister Nikki. Bella stepped away from the ring in 2018 only returning once for an appearance in the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble but she has noted her interest in returning to the ring.

In a Q and A on social media, Brie Bella was asked if she’d return to the ring and said she would and named some opponents in IMPACT Wrestling and AEW that she’d love to get in the ring with:

“I will. waiting for Buddy to grow a little more. The great thing is there’s so many companies with great opponents!!!

“I’d loved to wrestle Saraya again, Brit Baker… to go wrestle Trin (Trinity)…Can’t wait to see her and (Mickie James) in action…..first on my list is The IIconics…wrestle them In Australia would be amazing!”

Bryan Danielson doesn’t rule out Brie Bella in AEW

Speaking at the post-WrestleDream press conference, Bryan Danielson was asked about the possibility of his wife joining him in AEW and said if it’s something she wants to do then it’ll happen:

“I will never say never, but she puts stuff on Instagram that I don’t even know. Sometimes, people will say ‘Oh my gosh, that picture of your kids is adorable.’

“I’m saying, ‘what picture are you talking about?’ They’ll show them to me and I haven’t even seen the picture. She hasn’t sent me the picture. I will say this, Brie is the boss in our family. If she wants to come do it, it’ll get done.”

Bryan Danielson was in action at WrestleDream in his home state of Washington as he took part in a technical masterclass against Zack Sabre Jr. Ultimately, Danielson got the best of the NJPW star, picking up the win.

h/t Fightful