Bryan Danielson Comments On His Experiences With Depression

Bryan Danielson AEW

Bryan Danielson has gone into detail about how he handles depression.

Danielson discussed his mental health struggles while appearing on the Getting Over podcast. The American Dragon was asked about the possibility of facing some of the hardest hitters in WWE Ilja Dragunov and GUNTHER. With Danielson currently being signed to AEW, the chances of either one of those matches taking place is virtually impossible.

Danielson also cited having to work around commercial breaks and getting time cut in matches as two more things that have had an impact on his health:

“As somebody who regularly experiences depression, I try not to focus on things that are necessarily reality-based,” Danielson said. “That’s not great for my mental health. Because I would do this [think about dream matches] when I was in WWE … ‘If only I could wrestle this guy or under these circumstances.’ For example, this New Japan circumstance where you’re doing these matches without TV breaks, and you’re not given a specific time to do a match. Or sometimes, in WWE, you’re given three-and-a-half minutes [laughs] or whatever it is.”

Danielson continued, stating that because he wanted to wrestle in a different way it was difficult to appreciate the work he was doing in WWE:

“I was very happy in WWE, but my mindset wasn’t as focused and as in the present as it is now, which is just better for the overall appreciation of your life.”

Revealing when the negative feelings started to enter his mind. The American Dragon said that he is happiest when he is competing and the thoughts don’t enter his mind until the adrenaline has worn off:

“I never experience depression when I’m out in the ring — ever. And it usually won’t come back well into the next day, because wrestling matches happen late at night, and after that, you’re just exhausted and get to bed.”

Danielson has been open about his struggle with depression while appearing on “Total Bellas.”

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