Bron Breakker’s WWE Future Addressed By Shawn Michaels: “Everyone Sees That He’s Special”

bron breakker nxt champion

Bron Breakker is the dominant NXT Champion that also has a bright future on the main, which was addressed by NXT’s boss Shawn Michaels.

When the WWE NXT 2.0 re-brand started in September 2021, a relative newcomer named Bron Breakker was pushed heavily right away. As the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner and nephew of WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner, the 25-year-old Breakker was deemed a top prospect when he signed with WWE in February 2021.

The 2022 calendar year has been dominated by Breakker because he won the NXT Title for the first time at New Year’s Evil on January 4th and won it again on Monday Night Raw on April 4th. Breakker has held the NXT Title for nearly the entire year other than the 26 days where Dolph Ziggler was the NXT Champion. That means Breakker has held the NXT Title for over 300 days for his combined two title reigns.

At NXT Deadline, Breakker beat Apollo Crews in a competitive main event match to keep his NXT Title. After the match, Iron Survivor Challenge winner Grayson Waller attacked Bron from behind because Waller is the next title challenger. That title match between Breakker and Waller will be at New Year’s Evil on January 10th.

With the Royal Rumble coming up on January 28th leading to WrestleMania 39, there might be people that believe Breakker is ready for the main roster (Raw or Smackdown) because he’s already dominated NXT for a full year, so what more is there to do? Certainly, if Waller beats Breakker for the NXT Title, it might lead to speculation of Breakker making a debut in the Royal Rumble match.

WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels addressed Bron Breakker’s role in NXT during a post-Deadline media conference call. Michaels said that Bron could go to the main roster, but he thinks NXT’s coaches and team can still help him.

“We have a long-term and short-term plan, so we have no idea what we’re doing [laughs]. I’m kidding. We have the board filled up and everything else, we’re pretty good [laughs]. Bron is always a guy that is on that list. Everyone sees that he’s special, he’s obviously the horse we’re riding here in NXT.

“I’ll always say this, Bron is always going to be on that list because everyone always sees so much potential in him. He’s just one that I look at and I say that we’d love to be able to keep him here just for a little bit longer so we could just really round him. I feel like he could go up there and do things here and there on the main roster but to continue to let us keep him here and help him along.”

Shawn Michaels went on to say that he doesn’t see the rush with moving Bron Breakker to the main roster.

“I feel like we have some other people that you could insert right now and feel like you don’t have to worry one way or another, not that you have to do that with Bron, he’s going to step up to any challenge. Selfishly, I’d like to be able to keep him here and really round him out as perfectly as we can when we have that opportunity. I don’t see the rush.”

“I don’t ever want to keep him from any opportunities, and I’d never do that, if we have the option to keep him and make him a more well-rounded performer for the main roster, I’d love to be able to have the time to do that. I never want to give the impression that Bron is not a guy that we wouldn’t be thrilled to have on the main roster because he obviously is, I would just like to make him…I’d like to wrap him up nicely in a bow and deliver him to them, perfectly ready to go.”

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