Brody King “Very Heated” At AEW All In

Brody King

Brody King was not happy at the latest backstage shenanigans at AEW All In.

AEW All In was the biggest night by far in Tony Khan’s company as over 81,000 fans packed Wembley Stadium for a huge night of action. Unfortunately, after the show, people were mainly talking about the latest backstage incident in the company.

CM Punk and Jack Perry are believed to have gotten physical with each other after Perry took a jab at Punk during his pre-show bout with HOOK. The incident is believed to have been witnessed by Tony Khan and almost caused a last-second change in the running order of the show.

As a result, both men are believed to be suspended while an investigation is carried out which has caused a major shift in plans for All Out in Chicago on September 3rd.

Brody King not happy with CM Punk and Jack Perry altercation

Fightful Select has now reported that Brody King was said to be “very heated” about the incident between Punk and Perry. There had been suggestions that King had punched an object, most likely a wall, and injured his hand as a result but the star’s broken hand is believed to have come from hitting a guard rail during The House of Black’s match with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn on the show.

King was also said to be present during the exchange between CM Punk and Miro that was explained as being a joke rather than anything serious.