Brock Lesnar Makes Raunchy Reference To Ex-WWE Star On Raw

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar laid down a major challenge on Monday Night Raw but not before making a decidedly non-PG reference to a former WWE star.

The 6th of February edition of Monday Night Raw was full of thrills and spills as both the women’s and the US Championship Elimination Chambers filled up for the event on February 18th. In addition, Cody Rhodes came face-to-face with Roman Reigns’ Special Counsel Paul Heyman who ended up in tears as a result.

The main event saw Bayley and Becky Lynch finally square off in their postponed cage match. Lynch picked up the win after WWE Hall of Famer Lita stunned the crowd in Orlando, Florida by coming to her aid to thwart the rest of Damage CTRL. Reports have suggested that Lynch and Lita could be joined by a third icon leading to a massive showdown at Elimination Chamber.

However, many fans watching Raw were left discussing Brock Lesnar’s comments as he made an appearance to challenge Bobby Lashley to a bout in Montreal. During his diatribe, Lesnar alluded to his wife, the former WWE star Sable who has not been discussed on WWE television in several years as he complained that “I crawl into bed with my wife‚Ķ and after four/five hours, all I can think about is Bobby Lashley.”

Bobby Lashley told Lesnar that he’d have to consider his challenge with his management leading to The Beast Incarnate dropping him with two F-5s.