Brock Lesnar Scored Massive Payday For UFC Return

Brock Lesnar in UFC

Brock Lesnar earned a monster payday for his final UFC fight.

After becoming disillusioned with life in WWE in 2004, Lesnar attempted to launch a career in the NFL. Incredibly, he came closer to succeeding than he had any right to given his lack of experience before briefly returning to wrestling in Japan.

After his Japanese adventure, Lesnar was linked with a move to TNA but instead chose to pursue a new challenge in UFC. Although Lesnar was defeated on his UFC debut by Frank Mir in February 2008, by the end of the year he was Heavyweight Champion.

However, his time with UFC was dogged by health problems, and the star was diagnosed with mononucleosis, and subsequently diverticulitis during this period.

Following defeat to Alistair Overeem in December 2011, Lesnar headed back to WWE, confronting John Cena in April 2012.

Despite seemingly being done with UFC, Lesnar returned to the octagon in 2016 to defeat Mark Hunt — although the fight was declared a no-contest after Lesnar failed a drug test.

According to Bloody Elbow and newly unsealed UFC lawsuit documents, Lesnar earned a staggering $8 million for his fight with Hunt. It was also revealed that he made $3 million for the fight with Overeem five years earlier.

The information was made public as part of a class action lawsuit being brought against UFC.

The documents also break down Ronda Rousey’s UFC earnings with the star netting over $9 million in total for her final two fights. Meanwhile, CM Punk made over $1 million for his own UFC debut in 2016.

Is Brock Lesnar Returning To WWE In 2023?

It’s been reported that Brock Lesnar’s WWE absence is set to continue. The Beast hasn’t wrestled since being defeated by Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam and he’s not expected to be back in action before 2024.

Lesnar is due to return in the lead-up to the 2024 Royal Rumble in January.