Bret Hart Reveals His Greatest WrestleMania Match

Bret Hart Reveals His Greatest WrestleMania Match

Bret Hart reflected on his most memorable WrestleMania moment, shining a light on his legendary encounter with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Bret Hart delved into the significance of the Iron Man match, highlighting its enduring impact and the meticulous preparation that went into crafting one of professional wrestling’s most iconic showdowns.

Describing the match as the pinnacle of sports entertainment, Hart showered praise on Michaels for their collaborative effort in delivering a timeless classic. He lauded the precision and flawless execution displayed throughout the match, noting the absence of wasted moves and the meticulous attention to detail that elevated the performance to unprecedented heights.

As for my finest WrestleMania moment, that happened at WrestleMania XII with Shawn Michaels. I think it stands as the best pro wrestling match. Kudos to Shawn, too. We both made that a classic match that will never, ever lose its shine. There were no wasted moves, and the precision in every move, right down to Tony Chimmel getting kicked off his chair—I’ve watched it maybe 10 times in the last 10 years—and the beauty of that match was that Shawn and I had put a lot of thought into different aspects of the match.

Recalling the meticulous planning behind the match, Hart reminisced about a particular moment where precise timing added an unparalleled layer of drama to the Iron Man showdown. He vividly described the orchestrated sequence, highlighting the exact synchronicity between their actions and the match clock, which contributed to the unprecedented live drama that unfolded.

I remember there was a certain point when I had to be setting up a move with exactly five minutes left in the match. I remember setting up on the second rope and looking at the score clock, and there were exactly four minutes and fifty-nine seconds left in the match. It was those little details where we were exactly on cue, on the second, that made the “Iron Man” match unlike any other live drama.

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