Bret Hart Branded “Overrated” By Former WWE Champion

Bret Hart Branded

Former WWE Champion Sycho Sid shared his perspective on the legendary rivalry between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Sid’s assessment challenged conventional wisdom, suggesting that Hart may have been overrated while Michaels could have been underrated during their wrestling careers.

Sid reflected on his experience, in an interview with, of working with Shawn Michaels in the WWE during the mid-90s, a period marked by perceptions of Michaels being difficult to work with. Contrary to this belief, Sid praised Michaels, stating that he found him to be cooperative and easy to work with. Sid dismissed the negative reputation surrounding Michaels as unjustified, acknowledging that while Michaels made mistakes, they were not significant enough to warrant the stigma he faced.

Highlighting Michaels’ dedication to delivering exceptional performances, especially in his matches with Hart, Sid commended Michaels for his lack of ego and commitment to match quality. Sid contrasted this with what he perceived as Hart’s self-centred approach, suggesting that Hart may have posed challenges to work with.

I never saw anyone that he had a hard time except maybe for Bret. Even with that, Shawn worked really hard to have good matches with him. Some of the first three-way matches that ever took place, at least the first that I’ve ever done, were with me and Shawn and Bret. Really what made those three-way matches was Shawn. He didn’t have an ego like Bret did where Bret would say, ‘I don’t know if this is good for Bret Hart,’ just silly stuff like that.

Furthermore, Sid pointed out what he saw as a concerning behaviour in Hart, noting Hart’s tendency to refer to himself in the third person as a potential indication of issues in their working relationship. Sid concluded by suggesting that while Hart may have been overrated in his career, Michaels may not have received the recognition he deserved.

Bret was a little overrated where Shawn maybe wasn’t rated highly enough.

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