Bret Hart Names His Favourite Current Wrestler: “He’s Just Such A Great Artist In The Ring”

Bret Hart Names His Favourite Current Wrestler:

Bret Hart unveiled the top four contemporary wrestlers whom he holds in high regard and would entrust to share the ring with.

On his web show, Confessions Of The Hitman, Bret Hart revealed his admiration for Randy Orton, Edge, AJ Styles, and Bryan Danielson, citing their exceptional talents and professional reliability. Hart expressed his confidence in these wrestlers, highlighting their skills and the trust he places in their abilities. He commended Randy Orton and Edge for their prowess and consistency as performers, acknowledging their reliability in delivering compelling matches. Additionally, Hart lauded AJ Styles for his remarkable abilities, recognising him as a standout talent in the wrestling world.

However, it was Bryan Danielson who received the highest praise from Hart, being hailed as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Hart emphasised Danielson’s artistry and profound understanding of the sport, lauding his contributions to the industry.

There are a lot of guys I do like and I would trust working with them, Randy Orton would be one. Edge would be another. AJ Styles is really good. Daniel Bryan [Bryan Danielson] is one of the greatest wrestlers ever, pound for pound. Like, he’s just such a great artist in the ring. He has a great mind for wrestling.

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