Bret Hart Fought For Acclaimed WWE Feud

Bret Hart shouting at Vince McMahon

Bret Hart had to fight hard to ensure he got a beloved WWE feud.

Bret Hart has had several notable feuds during his illustrious career in WWE against the likes of Mr. Perfect, Roddy Piper, The Undertaker, Jerry Lawler, Diesel, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and of course Shawn Michaels. However, perhaps the most fondly remembered feud of his career came in 1994 when he found himself at odds with his own younger brother, Owen Hart.

Speaking to Minnesota Sports with Mackey & Judd, WWE star Natalya was asked what era of wrestling would be a good starting point for a new fan and she kept it in the family as she pointed to Bret Hart taking on Owen Hart at WrestleMania 10:

“I always say to people, ‘If you want to get into this and you want to learn what this is about, watch Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart [at] WrestleMania 10 [in] Madison Square Garden.

“Owen was the little bratty brother and Bret was the big brother trying to, like, be noble and honorable — it was just an easy story to follow. But, it was this beautiful, beautiful match, and you could understand the story because a match is a story and a story is a match. That match was magical.”

Bret Hart had to fight to get his match with Owen Hart

Natalya added that Bret Hart had to really fight to get Owen Hart into that position as the powers that be originally wanted someone else in that role:

“I remember Bret really fighting for Owen to have that match. A lot of people don’t know that, but Bret, behind the scenes, fought very hard for Owen to be a part of that storyline … I think something different was suggested, and Bret said, ‘No, I want it to be Owen.'”

Owen Hart defeated Bret Hart in the opening bout of WrestleMania 10 before Hart defeated Yokozuna in the night’s main event for the WWE Championship. The issues between the brothers led to them clashing at SummerSlam 1994 in a Steel Cage match with the WWE Title on the line with The Hitman coming out as the winner on that occasion.

h/t Wrestling Inc.