Bray Wyatt Told WWE To Sign SmackDown Star – “She Belongs With Us”

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt advocated for one SmackDown star years before she eventually signed with WWE.

While Zelina Vega is a fixture on WWE as part of the LWO, it took her years in the wresting business before achieving her dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. Speaking in an interview with Steve Fall of, she opened up about Bray Wyatt’s constant support of her through numerous tryouts.

According to Vega, Wyatt was always supportive of her, dating back to her first tryout in 2010.

“I tried out for WWE back in, this was FCW in 2010. Obviously, when you’re getting there and people are just seeing you walking around, they’re like, okay, there’s another human, whatever. But when they see you in the ring, and they see you trying, or they see you cutting a promo right away, it was like, I had him on my side, and I was like, wow, that’s so cool to have him actually backing me.

“It was just such a cool feeling and just hearing all of the advice that I would get from him was really cool. I tweeted this too, but probably the coolest thing for me is seeing how much he cared as a person to person level. Like, he knew how badly I wanted to be in WWE. I had been trying since 2010. I didn’t get there until 2017.”

Bray Wyatt Led A Chant For Zelina Vega During One Of Her Tryouts

Zelina Vega was determined to make it to WWE, and she continued trying out for the company until she was eventually signed in 2017. Continuing in her interview, Vega (real name Thea Trinidad) detailed a time when Wyatt not only supported her efforts, but even led a chant for her during her tryout match.

“When I came in for tryouts, like, one of the scariest things to do as an extra is to have a tryout match before SmackDown started. So every week we’d have like, I was traveling with them as a Rosebud just trying to like, hopefully one time, they’d be like, you know what, let’s just throw it in there. Like I just was hoping to get like, you know, a second look.

“I had a match and I remember at that point, if you got the attention of the boys, like the boys being like everybody in the locker room, people surrounding the ring, because people are off talking about their matches, they’re talking to producers, whatever, but the second I got in there, I remember Bray turning around and seeing me and sort of watching and he’s kind of there and he’s watching.

“I see him out of the corner of my eyes watching and he gets so into it that he started a Thea chant. Like he started cheering for me like during the match and it was right as I was hitting my comeback and like he was getting everybody else involved and everybody at that point was cheering for me. Then they started clapping after the match was done and he led that, like he led that whole thing.”

Not only did Bray Wyatt show his support for Zelina Vega during her match, he took things a step further when he approached management and told the person in charge that she belonged in WWE.

“Then I saw him walk up to who was in charge here at the time, talent relations, and he said, ‘She should be with us. That girl right there. She’s been working her ass off. She deserves to be with us.’ I was like, whoa, like Bray Wyatt just said that. Like that is the coolest freaking thing ever. Yes, it did take me some years after that, but just knowing that he was one of the people backing me, that he was one of the people supporting me, like that was just such a cool thing for me.”

Bray Wyatt tragically passed away on August 24th, 2023 at the young age of 36 years old.