Bray Wyatt Talks About Taking Risks In Wrestling

bray wyatt pitch black match

Bray Wyatt has spoken up about why he likes to take risks in wrestling while speaking about how pro wrestling is different things to different people.

At the Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt wrestled in his first televised WWE match in over a year and a half. Wyatt faced LA Knight in a Pitch Black Match that took place with the lights off in the Alamodome along with glow-in-the-dark ropes, the wrestlers competing in gear that glowed in the dark and plenty of Mountain Dew logos since they sponsored the match.

The match was won by Wyatt in a dominant manner. While Knight did get some offense, Wyatt was able to put him away rather easily with a Sister Abigail neckbreaker for the pinfall win.

After the match, Wyatt put on a scary-looking mask and chased Knight into the back part of the arena where they fought on a platform. Wyatt gave Knight a Mandible Claw to keep Knight down. That was followed by Uncle Howdy (believed to be Bray’s brother Bo Dallas) jumping off a huge platform to put Knight through a table or whatever he was laying on. There was also fire after the splash along with other members of Bray’s Firefly Fun House appearing as well.

During the post-Royal Rumble conference that aired on YouTube, Bray Wyatt explained why he takes risks in wrestling and his storylines.

“There are some people that like new concepts and people who take risks and things, and then there are people who don’t just because they don’t. It’s a sport to some, it’s a show to others. The beautiful thing about wrestling and this industry is that there is something for everyone.”

“I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’m willing to take risks and do things that no one has ever done. In my opinion, if you’re not willing to do that then what are you doing here? It’s about leaving a legacy, for me, and I’d do pretty much anything, especially if no one has ever done it before because I know people will notice, and it’s fun for me.”

It appears as though Wyatt’s feud with LA Knight is done for now, so fans will have to keep watching to see what might be in store for Wyatt as we head to WrestleMania this coming April.

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