Brandi Rhodes Says Cody Rhodes “Looks Ready” For WWE Return

Cody Rhodes holding a bullrope

With the countdown on for Cody Rhodes to return to a WWE ring, his wife Brandi Rhodes says that he “looks ready” to get back to business.

Cody Rhodes has been out of action since June after suffering a torn pectoral muscle just days before his Hell In A Cell match with Seth Rollins. Despite the brutal injury, Rhodes competed in the bout and won before undergoing surgery which kept him away from the ring for several months.

Now with the Royal Rumble on the horizon, The American Nightmare has revealed that he will be back at the event, taking part in the men’s Rumble match itself as he continues his quest to try and capture the WWE Championship.

Speaking on Steve Fall’s Ten Count, Brandi Rhodes has discussed her husband’s return and says Rhodes’ trying to fulfill his dream is the single most intriguing story in all of wrestling:

“As far as wrestling is concerned, for me, the most intriguing story is Cody trying to capture his dream. It’s been so fantastic except for the injury portion, but It’s just been really great to see him reconnect with this audience, kind of be completely welcomed back home coming back to WWE, and for them to have his back in this journey. It’s really, really fun to see and I’m excited for him to get back.”

“All of the work that he’s been doing to get back has been really good. I went with him to his physical therapist yesterday to finally see, because he’s been ragging on me the entire time, ‘you haven’t come, you haven’t come.’ So, I’m like ‘Okay, I’m coming to see’, and I was really impressed with how he looks now. He doesn’t look like anything happened, which is crazy because he had major surgery so he looks like the same Cody to me. The muscle mass is all there. He looks ready to me.”