Brandi Rhodes Addresses AEW Exit

Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes feels AEW moved away from its original vision.

In February 2022, Cody and Brandi Rhodes shocked the wrestling world by announcing they would be leaving AEW. The couple had played a huge role in getting the company off the ground, with Cody serving as an Executive Vice President as well as talent, while Brandi was AEW’s Chief Brand Officer.

Cody has since said their exits were due to a “personal issue” but the details remain unknown.

Speaking to Progres News, Brandi discussed her exit and said the company has drifted from the original vision.

“What I feared with that company, I was seeing before my eyes. When you start to see things drift from the original vision and … I’ve seen this happen before, then you start to (think) this may not be what we thought it was.”

Cody Rhodes Upset With Brandi Rhodes’ Treatment

Speaking in a recent interview of his own, Cody Rhodes reflected on leaving AEW. While the American Nightmare was full of praise for the company he left behind, and said he was proud of what he helped create, he was less impressed with how Brandi was treated when they left.

Cody Rhodes said he was still “p*ssed off” with how Brandi was treated, before paying tribute to his wife.

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