Cody Rhodes Disputes CM Punk’s Assessment Of AEW

Cody Rhodes CM Punk on WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes has given his thoughts on AEW.

Back in 2019, Cody Rhodes was heavily involved in the creation of All Elite Wrestling. During his tenure with the company, Rhodes played a huge role in signing talent and served as an Executive Vice President.

The details behind the American Nightmare’s departure in 2022 remain a secret, but since returning to WWE, Rhodes has been positive about the company he left behind. However, not everyone feels the same way.

Speaking in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, CM Punk claimed AEW wasn’t a business, admitting his time with the company was mixed, to say the least.

During his own appearance on the MMA Hour with Helwani, Rhodes broke down why he disagrees with Punk.

“That’s his assessment, it is not my assessment. It’s always important for me to remind people that I am so proud of what me, Matt, Nick, Kenny, Tony, Bernie, Brandi, Dana and Chris, and I name all these people, because I was in all those meetings, as much as the internet will try and spin a narrative one way, if one of those people had not been at that start up level, the company would not have happened.

I am so proud of what was created, I am so insanely proud of what it does for the industry overall, for wrestlers and their wellbeing, and I have an unbelievable love for so many people in that locker room, including the Bucks and Kenny, who we bonded forever over this thing that we did.

So it’s not my assessment, in my time there, the infrastructure was just being built up, we were trying new things, it was a start up company, and I wish them nothing but the best.”

Cody Rhodes Compares The Rock To Hulk Hogan

During a different interview, Cody Rhodes gave his thoughts on The Rock returning to WWE. The pair had briefly been on the same page before fans rejected the idea of Rhodes moving aside to let Rock challenge Roman Reigns. This saw the Hollywood megastar turn heel, and dub himself The Final Boss.

While assessing The Rock’s return, Rhodes compared him to Hulk Hogan and admitted his return has looked much different than anyone expected.

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