Booker T Says People Should Be Fired For Doing A Certain Thing In Matches

Booker T

There is one thing in wrestling so unacceptable that Booker T thinks doing it should lead to termination.

Booker T has been around the wrestling business for decades. He has seen pretty much everything there is to see as an in-ring performer, as an on-screen personality, as a commentator, and as a trainer/promoter for his own wrestling school Reality of Wrestling.

As such, Booker T has seen a lot of different trends and fads in wrestling. But there’s one trend popular in wrestling to this day that irks him so much that, when speaking to Give Me Sport, he explained that he thinks people should be fired for doing: the thigh slap.

“I guess my pet peeve, you know, the thing that really bugs me more than anything… My hot take is everybody that does the leg slap should be fired.”

For anyone unaware, several wrestlers across different promotions have adopted this technique whereby they slap their thigh while doing a boot/kick to give the impression that the sound being made is coming from the actual kick.

It’s hard to say which wrestler first started this trend. Different people have pointed to wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, Tajiri, Rikishi, and Hakushi as some of the earliest to do this trick.

At point, Vince McMahon even banned the thigh slap outright in 2021. However, considering how often the sound effect is still heard, that ban appears to have been lifted.

h/t Fightful for the transcription